Work Placement Studios: Application



Pilates ITC’s operational structure consists of an Australia-wide team of Pilates ITC Educators who facilitate course delivery in “host”, Instructor Training Studios (ITS). Our Students’ on-the-job learning requirement is dually supported by these ITS Affiliates and a network of Work Placement Studios (WPS) to ensure equity of access to high-quality learning environments. (The best of the best – naturally!)

Instructor Training- and Work Placement Studios play a significant role in shaping a positive Student experience, and learning outcomes. Studios can apply to become a Work Placement Studio (Affiliate) directly by completing the form below, or alternatively, Students may lodge an application on behalf of their preferred Studio (with their permission).


What’s involved – 



Becoming a Pilates Instructor requires physical intelligence and an experiential engagement with the subject matter by watching and learning (observing), practicing teaching, and experiencing the work in your own body (self-mastery).

Students may attend WPS of their choosing to complete Work Placement (WP) and Self-Mastery (SM) components of their Course. The rationale behind the WPS network is to ensure all Students, all over the country, can access a high-quality, in-person Studio experience to feel, see and do “the work”.


As a WP Studios, you may host Students for the following:

  • Observation: watching Group Matwork, Group Reformer and Studio sessions.
  • Teaching: self-arranged teaching sessions (practicing on friends/family/other Students), or Co-Instruction: “shadowing” Instructors in group Matwork, Reformer and Studio sessions.
  • Self-Mastery (SM): Students’ own Pilates practice! They are required to complete one class per week (as a minimum) according to current area of study (e.g. Matwork, Reformer, Studio.) This can be completed anywhere – not just at Work Placement Studios.

Students are expected to manage their own on-the-job-learning at WP Studios, in accordance with- and respect for your business’ in-house operations: that is – booking systems, pricing schedules, timetables, availability, Studio procedures etc. It is our intention that minimal to no extra administrative burden is created for your team, than would be expended for a regular client at your Studio.


What the dollars and cents – 


Work Placement Affiliation is an unpaid, voluntary role. What about fees and Students? What does this look like for each aspect of Work Placement, and Self-Mastery?

  • Observations
    FREE for Group Matwork, Group Reformer and Studio sessions.
  • Teaching: Co-Instruction
  • Teaching: Self-Arranged
    NOMINAL FEE. This requires Students to book space in the Studio to practice teaching friends, family or other Students. We ask the Students’ “clients” to pay a nominal fee for these sessions to cover any administration and use of the Studio space. This is set at your discretion.
  • Self-Mastery (SM)
    PAID. Self-Mastery pricing is set at the provider’s discretion: there is no promise of a discounted rate. However, we encourage Instructor Training and Work Placement Studios to consider offering accessibly priced Group Class and Studio packages for Students: the level of discount is entirely up to you! We encourage our Students to commit to Self-Mastery for life as part of their ongoing professional development, so it’s our hope that your Student clients become life long-ones, even once their study is done!


What are the benefits – 


What can you reasonably expect to get out of being a Work Placement Studio?

  • 20% OFF Continuing Education (CE) at Pilates ITC Instructor Training Studios, online and in-person, for you and your Staff.
  • $200 OFF the enrolment deposit for any Courses of Instruction Pathways for you and your Staff. This includes post-graduate Advanced Diploma of the Pilates Method for Instructors who want to take their career to the next level!
  • One FREE Private Studio session per year for the WP Studio’s Manager/Lead. This can be in-person with a Pilates ITC Educator in your State or Territory, OR a digital session (via Zoom).
  • Students are covered by Pilates ITC Public Liability Insurance, provided there is a Supervisor (qualified Instructor) present at the Studio, so there’s no added cost to you for hosting them.
  • Students = new clients through your door!
  • Exposure to new local and national networks via Pilates ITC marketing channels and listings.
  • Recruitment: build relationships that work for your business and hire the Students you work with! Share job opportunities with the Pilates ITC Student and Graduate cohort and get your pick of the bunch.
  • Knowledge economy: a great opportunity to share your cultural and stylistic influences with Students!
  • Stay connected with the national Pilates ITC family; make new friends across the country!
  • Altruism: giving back to the Pilates community is how we fight the good fight to elevate and maintain the standard of Pilates instruction in Australia and the world!
  • Plus, quite simply, it is super rewarding to share in Students’ educational journey!


How can I apply?


Simply complete the submission form here and we will be in touch with you shortly!

Work Placement Studios: Application

  • Please list all Pilates services offered at your Studio.
  • Please list all Studio Apparatus and brand(s) used on site.
  • Initial here to declare that Pilates ITC Students are approved to complete their Work Placement hours at the Studio listed here and under the supervision of qualified Instructors listed in this form. I understand that Students are to be supervised at all times while in the Studio and agree to complete the necessary documentation to report on the Student progress as require by Pilates ITC Administration.