Work Experience Hours

PilatesITC courses are competency-based training courses. This is an approach to vocational education and training that places emphasis on what a person can do in the workplace as a result of completing a training program.

In each of our courses outcomes reflect the workplace duties, working environments and performance requirements of a Pilates teacher in either a Matwork, Studio or Advanced training and rehabilitation setting, depending on the course in which you are enrolled.

A standard course requirement, and one of the most important parts of undertaking a Pilates training course, is the ‘on-the-job work experience hours. These are the hours that offer you the opportunity to put into practice your learning in a professional environment. These hours consist of a combination and progressive completion of:

  • Observation - watching qualified teachers and studios/centres in action, and completing guided tasks related to what you are observing

  • Assistant teaching - working under the guidance of a qualified teacher to assist with teaching exercises, cueing clients, writing and applying programs to clients, and all tasks and activities related to the workplace environment

  • Autonomous teaching - in the later stages of the course hours, teaching clients in a simulated or real workplace environment

Each course has a minimum number of hours dedicated to either observation, assist teaching and self-directed learning hours. Self-directed learning hours are split into self-review (hours spent reviewing the course information alone) and self mastery (workout hours, with a minimum number of hours taught by a supervisor and logged).

Intensive Course WE Hours


When undertaking the Intensive Course delivery, your assistant teaching hours will be completed at the PilatesITC training centre, through scheduled practicum intensives, which provide intensive work experience in a simulated environment under the guidance of a PilatesITC trainer.  Your WE hours are fully completed through the participation at these contact Practicum sessions. 


Your observation hours are to be completed at a working Pilates studio, where you can observe qualified instructors teach real-clients. In addition a percentage of your observation hours may be completed online, further information will be provided upon enrolment. All hours must be logged on the PilatesITC Log Sheets provided when you enrol.

For regional or remote students, you may arrange to complete WE hours at a Studio of your choice, which must be approved by PilatesITC in advance. PilatesITC will approve based on adequate resources, Work Health and Safety processes, and training support being available at your studios