The Balancing Act: Gender in Pilates


The misconception that Pilates is somehow a feminine discipline perhaps comes from the fact it was adopted early, in the mainstream, by the dance community: a traditionally female industry.

In actual fact, Joseph Pilates used the Method to train army troops, interned prisoners and men from all walks of life, as much if not more than he trained women and dancers. And nowhere in his books does he state or even allude to the discipline supporting a gender bias.

Joseph’s fitness empire is built on creating the perfect balance of body and mind to create health and happiness, for all!

Men do Pilates. Men teach Pilates. Men are an essential part of our Pilates community.

Men want to DO Pilates.

Men want to do Pilates for the health benefits (just like women!):

  • Improved flexibility and functional strength.
  • Prevention and rehabilitation of (non-acute) injuries.
  • Corrected muscular imbalance.
  • Improved dynamic posture.
  • Strength from the inside-out (hello, six-pack!)

Professional and elite-level athletes know that today, Pilates should be a part of a balanced and performance optimised training mix.

LeBron James, Tiger Woods, Andy Murray, James Magnussen, David Beckham, Venus and Serena Williams, and more…

Pilates has found a place in modern training regimens across codes and around the world, including: NBANFLAFL, Rugby League and Union.

Joseph said it best: “You will develop muscular power with corresponding endurance, ability to perform arduous duties, to play strenuous games, to walk, run or travel for long distances without undue body fatigue or mental strain.”

Men want to TEACH Pilates.

Men do Pilates.

Men teach Pilates.

Men want to be part of this movement culture, just as much as women.

Men are an essential part of our Pilates community.

The global Pilates industry is at a pivotal point: it is popular, we’re visible, accessible and investment is steady. We are also in our most inclusive state as a culture and discipline, to date. At Pilates ITC we want more men through our doors for Instructor training!

We want more men leading classes, we want more men to be active in driving our industry forward! In a discipline that values balance in all forms literal and figurative, it makes sense to have more of it between genders!

Come and join us.