Recognition of Prior Learning and Direct Credit

PilatesITC recognises all government accredited (AQF) qualifications or statements of attainment issued by other registered training organisations (RTO) and will recognise prior learning.


Applicants who have completed a unit of competency with another RTO that is part of the PilatesITC course in which they are enrolled, need only provide a certified copy of the Academic transcript, which shows a direct match to be awarded direct credit transfer.

Applicants who have completed vocational training and/or higher education qualifications with other government recognised providers that they believe aligns in part with the PilatesITC course in which they are enrolled (i.e. units/modules completed with other providers is similar to unit/s of competency within the PilatesITC course) may apply for recognition of prior learning (RPL).

PilatesITC also recognises industry approved comprehensive Pilates specific training for prior learning. Applicants who believe the training they have completed with an industry recognised provider aligns in part with the PilatesITC course in which they are enrolled may apply for RPL.

To apply for RPL or Direct Credit (DC) Transfer:

  1. Complete an RPL/DC Application Form - contact PilatesITC administration for this form

  2. Provide initial evidence to support application

  3. PilatesITC will provide written confirmation of approval or next stage requirements