Refund and Credit Policies

Refund policy


PilatesITC gives all students a two-week cooling off period, from receipt of their signed Enrolment Form, in which he/she may decide not to go ahead with enrolment.  If the applicant decides to take advantage of the cooling off period any course fees paid will be refunded minus a $500 withdrawal fee.  After the cooling off period has expired there will be no refund allowed on course fees paid unless exceptional circumstances* can be substantiated in which case any refund will be considered by management on a case-by-case basis.

Following commencement of the course no course fees paid will be refundable and all payment schedules must be honoured by the student, or the student’s parent/guardian, unless exceptional circumstances* can be proved.


Any refund approved by management after the cooling off period due to exceptional circumstances, will be at management’s discretion depending upon the extent of course delivery and assessment already undertaken, excluding the $1,500 enrolment deposit.

2018 Intensive Course Enrolments

All students enrolling into the October 2018 Intensive course delivery must note, and agree to the following essential terms and conditions:

  • This course requires a minimum 10 participants to run. PilatesITC reserves the right to postpone or cancel the course if minimum numbers are not enrolled.

  • No deferments of extensions will be considered, and all course requires must be met within set timeframes.

  • Students must attend a minimum of 70% of the scheduled course contact sessions, workshops and practicums in order to graduate. Students will be responsible for making up any work experience hours and contact missed in the studio and online (*additional fees may apply)

  • Attendance at scheduled face-to-face assessment days is mandatory.


Full terms and conditions are outlined in the Enrolment form, Student Handbook and on the PilatesITC website.

PilatesITC advises all students to select their course carefully, as we cannot accept responsibility for changes in student’s personal circumstances or work commitments, which may occur after the commencement of the course.

*Exceptional Circumstances would include debilitating illness, bereavement or tragedy within immediate family or similar extenuating circumstances, but does not include reasons such as heavy workload, personal circumstances (i.e.: moving house/location, tired, lack of time etc.), minor medical ailments, computer issues or similar.

Credit policy


All fees and payments are subject to PilatesITC payment policy being:

Following commencement of the course no course fees paid will be refundable and the student or student’s parent/guardian must honour all payment schedules. The payment schedule will be considered legally binding as per the signed PilatesITC Enrolment Terms and Conditions.

Any fees that are not paid within 7 days following the scheduled payment date will attract a 2.5% penalty fee, unless an alternative payment arrangement has been negotiated with the Training Manager and/or a Director. Should a scheduled payment still not be paid within 21 days of the scheduled payment date, the payment will attract a 5% penalty fee (unless priorly negotiated with the Training Manager/Director). Penalty fees will continue to rise by 5% for every 21 day term if the payment remains unpaid without the Training Manager and/or Director’s prior arranged consent.

Payments will be considered delinquent payments if remaining unpaid for 30 days and over. At 30 days overdue late payments will result in suspension from the course. At 60 days overdue the delinquent payment will be handed to legal advisors for communications. At 90 days the delinquent payment will be reported to credit reporting agencies. All communications regarding late and delinquent payments will be recorded.