Pandemic-Pilates: Making Your Course Work For You


Digital learning has gone mainstream, and in a hurry. It has been a crash course in digital learning for many education providers around the world as we’re tasked with making study “work” for Students and Educators alike, in fresh, untested digital spaces. For Pilates ITC, COVID-19 has forced us to reimagine in-person learning experiences for digital, without compromising on quality, support and engagement. (All without the luxury of time and practice!) Plus, a bunch of other operational considerations that shoot off from this. It all spells: big change. But our team and our Students are up for it.

Our priority is to keep you moving: figuratively and literally. This is what we keep coming back to. Don’t stop studying. Just keep going.

But how can you be your best Student-self, in the age of Pandemic Pilates?

Here’s how to thrive in this new age of digital learning…

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” – Theodore Roosevelt.

1. Embrace the "pivot".


It’s quickly becoming the pandemic-survival-mantra. It is also what our Pilates community does best. We bend. We adapt. We find a way. New ways.

We pivot and create new learning solutions, resources, and support systems to keep you moving forward. We pivot when we find new ways to remotely share our learning experience, progress your coursework, challenge and inspire you –from a distance.

Embrace the pivot: we will keep bringing you “ways”, we just ask that you “do what you can, with what you have, where you are”. (Theodore Roosevelt)

2. Find your discipline.

With any technological or societal upheaval, the biggest challenges for individuals usually involve cultural change. For us, it’s a big shift in the culture of learning.

Education requires discipline: true. Online learning requires a bit more because there is inherently less hand-holding going on. There is no denying that this reality is going to favour a certain type of learner/Student over others who find it hard to “do the work” on their own timetable. But we are here to help with that!

There are plenty of useful blogs out there with tips for those who have trouble with SDL, but our advice is as neat as:

  • Don’t give yourself multi-tasking paralysis! Make a daily list and check off tasks as you go.
  • Give it a name: “today I’m going to practice my Matwork programming”/”try to understand some more about posture types”/”practice teaching on my housemate.”
  • Set specific goals for today and beyond.
  • Buddy up: connect with your peers, keep each other motivated and on track.
  • Be open to the experience: see also “embrace the pivot”. Make use of the new resources and online products.

3. Be kind to yourself.

A lot has changed in a short period of time: it is important to allow yourself some to settle into this “new normal” and how it affects every aspect of life. We’re not going to leave you out in the digital wilderness to fend for yourself! We’re in this together so allow yourself some time to understand what your world looks like now and how you want to engage with it.

4. Celebrate your wins.

We’ve been robbed of the joy of in-person feedback: that connection and validation that I am “doing good/I get it/I got it/I’m nearly there”. Consistency and sticking with it is hard when no one is clapping for you. Make sure you clap for yourself – be your own biggest fan. (And then share your wins with your Pilates community so we can applaud virtually too!)

5. Trust in the now.

For anyone wearing multiple hats (working/parenting/sharing space/home schooling/juggling jobs) – trust in your own resilience: find a new routine, and or carve out pockets of productivity that work for your new world order. Progress over perfection!

6. Take care of yourself.

We cannot stress this enough. Balance. It’s so important always, but especially now. (Read our blog on Instructor Care and You.) Prioritise self-care: honour your self-mastery schedule (practice Pilates every day!) OR just move your body in any way that feels right for you! Eat nutrient dense food. Hydrate. Sleep (hello, afternoon naps!). Go outside (safely). Breathe. Laugh!

7. Reach out.

There are living, breathing, friendly humans on the other side of your computer screen (who are going through much the same thing as you!) Get in touch. Connect on the Forum (start a fun convo thread, share a meme, a win moment, or some advice!), start a private chat group, FaceTime, schedule a work out together via video stream, or just shoot the breeze. Please don’t feel alone, because you are not!

join the student forumicon

8. Play!

Digital Work Placement is a game changer. (Where you would formerly pay to attend your local Studio for Self-Mastery and Observe their classes, now you’re expected to find your “local” online Studio for the same purposes.) The silver lining is that the pool of WP Studios you can draw from has just grown, significantly! What a time to play and experience the breadth of expertise and style in our very own backyard.

Students can now choose to “attend” any of our affiliated Studios across the country, no matter where you are right now. Most, if not all, of our IT and WP Studios are offering paid (but affordable), virtual Studio services. Many are also generously offering FREE (or by donation), weekly sessions on their digital channels. Really, you are only limited by your willingness to explore your options! Head to our Instructor Training Studio – and Work Placement pages and review our affiliate listings, browse their socials, go to their websites, get to know them.

Then go play!

We are big advocates for in-person learning. Nothing can replace to the power and value of seeing, feeling and doing “the work” in your own body. (This is also what makes our courses so special!) Thank you for pivoting with us. We’re excited to see what we can do with this “new normal” and so happy to have you along for the ride with us.

As always, we are here to help you in any way we can. Get in touch via or call on (08) 9330 4570.