Reformer + Small Apparatus

The Reformer Pilates Professional.

Build your career path with Pilates ITC! It’s the next, logical step: add Professional Reformer + Small Apparatus Instruction Pathway to your Pilates toolkit! This Instruction Pathway draws recognised units of competency from the nationally accredited and internationally recognised Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (10838NAT) equipping Graduates with a Statement of Attainment.


Why Reformer + Small Apps?

The Reformer: A (Movement) Love Affair

It is one of the original, Pilates apparatus consisting of a narrow bed, with sliding carriage, straps and pulleys that are adjusted in resistance by adding or removing loaded springs.

Just like Matwork, all exercises on the Reformer are scalable and welcome creativity in variation and programming, making this a truly versatile apparatus in a group class setting – and a very popular one at that!

Learn how to use the patented Pilates International Categorisation© (PIC) Studio Programming System to plan and safely deliver creative, corrective and rewarding Reformer classes of all levels for groups fitness – featuring small apparatus like: the blue ball (Pilates Ball), Magic Circle, TheraBand and more!

It’s so much more than teaching aerobics on a machine: our Graduates are comprehensively trained in the Method of Pilates and skilled at applying it safely and to maximum effect, in a class setting.

Our Graduates are capable, skilled communicators; critical- and creative-thinkers who understand how to make the Method work for clients. They fill classes and retain clients!

This Pathway complements the Matwork + Small Apps Instruction Pathway, and is often a springboard from which Students go on to complete the full Diploma qualification via the Studio Instruction Pathway add-on.


Reformer Repertoire.

Learn how to apply the Reformer Pilates repertoire for Introductory, Basic, Progressive and Intermediate levels in group Reformer setting. That’s 56 exercises in total PLUS small apparatus repertoire:

  • Reformer (56)
  • Small Apps: blue ball, Magic Circle, TheraBand, Toning Balls/hand weights (x).

The professional edge – our Students learn how to use the Pilates International Categorisation© (PIC) programming system.

The PIC system equips our Students with the skills to develop and deliver smart, creative and body-balanced workouts that clients love, for:

  • Group Reformer at all levels.

Communication is the heart of teaching!

  • Become a versatile, well-rounded communicator.
  • Learn how to apply balanced cueing styles.
  • Learn how to correctly apply anatomical and biomechanical terminology.
  • Learn about professional conduct in group class and Studio settings.

Pilates ITC Grads are ready to teach. They have a sound understanding of the operational demands and expectations of the Studio environment, including key safety considerations:

  • How to care for and maintain apparatus.
  • Self-care as an Instructor.
  • Manual handling techniques.
  • Hygiene protocols.
  • How to safely instruct clients.
  • NAT10838001: Apply Pilates Method Fundamentals to Induction and Instruction of Pilates.
  • NAT10838006: Instruct the Pilates Studio introductory to basic Reformer repertoire.
  • NAT10838007: Instruct the Pilates Studio progressive Reformer repertoire.
  • NAT10838008: Instruct the Pilates Studio intermediate Reformer repertoire.

Course Structure

There are three components to this Pathway:

Get hands-on with the Reformer repertoire in a blended lecture-workshop format led by Pilates ITC Educators.

Work Placement

On-the-job learning: observe the Method in action and practice applying your knowledge.

  • Observation hours: watch and learn!
  • Teaching hours: practice teaching friends, family and other Students (self-scheduled); and by co-instructing (shadowing) with qualified Instructors.
  • Teaching Clinics (optional at additional charge): consolidate teaching skills and expedite teaching hours under supervision.
Self-directed learning

The “studying” part. Access our mixed-media resource library to work your assessment schedule on your own time, at your own pace.

  • Course work: keep up with reading, written tasks (eg: programming) and self-audit.
  • Assessments: stick to the plan to prepare for your assignments and practical assessment.
  • Self-mastery: the doing part! Experiencing the Method in your own body is essential to the process! Enhance your learning experience with one Reformer group class per week as a minimum for the duration of your course. But more is always better!


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Honouring your experience.

Pilates ITC Professional Matwork Instruction Pathway Graduates are eligible for articulation into the Professional Reformer Instruction Pathway: adding to your existing PITC Statement of Attainment.

If you have completed Pilates Instructor training with another compatible education body, or have other formal movement- or science-based qualification(s) from Australia or overseas you may also be eligible to enrol via Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Where do you begin? RPL is a thorough and personalised process, our team is on hand to walk you through your options and find your best fit with Pilates ITC.

You can learn some more here or give us a call on (08) 9330 4570 before you hit enrol!


The dollars and cents.$3,500

$3,500 total course price: including $600 deposit. Student finance is available through Study Loans.

• A complete qualification that’s yours for life: no expiration.
• Units of competency drawn from the Diploma.
• Qualification to teach group Reformer including programming with small apparatus.
• Administrative and Educator support, whenever you need it!
• Access to the finest Pilates facilities in the country via our affiliate network.
• A Pilates ITC Student T-shirt!
• All assessments included.
• All resources! Access to digital library including repertoire manuals and textbooks.
• Membership of the Student Forum.
• Networking and Continuing Education opportunities.
• Mentoring opportunities!
• Bonus: membership of a connected, supportive Pilates community and new friends for life!

Self-mastery: learning the Pilates Method in your own body by doing classes, is compulsory part of your course and attracts additional cost as determined by our Instructor Training- and Work Placement Studios. (Our affiliates generously offer PITC Students discounted rates on SM – however is set at their discretion.)

Teaching Clinics

Meeting self-scheduled teaching hours can be one of the more challenging logistical aspects of Work Placement (finding bodies and time and space to suit all of the above!)

Teaching Clinics (optional) were developed to lighten this load by giving Students more opportunities to workshop their teaching skills in an Educator-supported environment, and bank WP hours in the process.

• Practice on a large group (simulate real-world group class!)
• Work through the aspects of repertoire that are challenging for you.
• Workshop ideas with your peers and Educators.
• Get feedback.
• Feel confident in your teaching skills!

Better still, each Teaching Clinic hour equals two hours of approved teaching experience.

1 hour = 2 hours of teaching experience.

Teaching Clinics run for five (5) hours in total and are delivered in clinic format against set topics (units of competency), so you can complete 10 hours of WP in one session!

TCs can be added to your schedule any time for only $75 per session: booked at point of enrolment or later at your convenience.

View the complete 2021 Teaching Clinic Schedule for your State or Territory, here.

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Reformer + Small Apparatus

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