Professional Matwork and Reformer + Small Apparatus Instruction Pathway

Matwork and Reformer + Small Apps.

Become a Pilates class professional with one comprehensive, accredited qualification – in-Studio and online. Unlock the power of Pilates Matwork and Reformer for groups. Learn how to apply Pilates on the Mat and Reformer + creative programming with small apparatus to create functional, feel-good movement experiences.

Why Matwork and Reformer + Small Apps?

The Specs.

Professional Matwork and Reformer and Small Apparatus Instruction Pathway draws recognised units of competency from the nationally accredited and internationally recognised, 10838NAT Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction, equipping Graduates with a Statement of Attainment (SOA).

The Mat + Ref Group Pro.

On completion you’ll be equipped to teach:

  • Group Matwork + Small Apps.
  • Group Reformer + Small Apps.

Strategic inclusion of Small Apparatus – also known as Small Props – can elevate your program, help scale the repertoire (accessibility) and boost the overall creative-fun factor of Matwork and Reformer classes. In this Pathway we learn how to intelligently incorporate: the Blue Ball (Pilates Ball), Fitball, Magic Circle (Pilates Circle), TheraBand, Foam Roller, Toning Balls/Hand-Weights, and Dowel Pole.

Backed by Science.

A health- and fitness-qualification that’s backed by science. This Pathway’s curriculum is informed by modern health and movement science to complement and integrate with Allied Health as an intelligent, corrective fitness modality. We invest in compliance, review and quality improvement to maintain only the highest standard of education and professional outcomes.

Cutting Edge-ucation.

You’ll have access to the most current teacher training applications, delivered by leading Educators, in some of the finest Studios in the country! We respect the Pilates Method lineage and legacy, but also explore how it interacts with contemporary movement theory, art, science and kinematics to create a truly comprehensive and intelligent learning experience!

The Matwork.

It’s so much more than teaching a bunch of exercises on the floor, it’s the heart of the Method and its principles underpin much of the apparatus-based repertoire that follows! Learn how to effectively deliver the Matwork in a class setting using our secret, Pilates weapon: the Pilates International Categorisation© (PIC) Programming System. With PIC you will learn how to develop and deliver the perfect Matwork experience for groups of all levels: balanced, flowing, functional and addictive! PLUS gain skills in creative application of Small Apparatus.

The Reformer.

It is one of the original, Pilates apparatus and like Matwork, all exercises on the Reformer are scalable and invite creativity in programming, making this a truly versatile apparatus in a group class setting – and a very popular one at that! Learn how to use the patented Pilates International Categorisation© (PIC) Studio Programming System to plan and safely deliver creative, corrective and rewarding Reformer classes for groups of all levels – featuring Small Apparatus.

Note: this Pathway draws core units from the 10838NAT Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction, meaning when you fall in love with Pilates learning, it is as easy as adding-on the Studio Instruction Pathway to complete the full qualification!  

Finance your future.

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How it works

Enrol and go!

Select your State and preferred start date; enrol – and you’re good to go! Make a start on your online coursework: wherever you are, whenever you like.

Pilates Campus: Course Delivery.

Course Delivery sessions are the heart of your practical, in-person learning component: a blend of workshop and lecture, this is where you get hands-on with the course content in an Educator- and peer-supported environment.

Work your schedule.

Map it out! Progress through your online coursework at your own pace. Create a Work Placement (WP) and Self-Mastery schedule to keep yourself moving through your coursework; and own your learning adventure.

Complete + go!

  1. Finalise your assessments for each subject area.
  2. Complete and submit your Work Placement (WP) requirement.
  3. Congratulations, you’re a Pilates Instructor. Go forth and teach!

What will I learn?

  • History of the Method.
  • Pilates principles.
  • Anatomy, physiology and biomechanics.
  • Static and dynamic postural assessment.
  • Dynamic movement assessment techniques.
  • Muscle testing and function.

Learn how to apply the Pilates repertoire for Introductory, Basic, Progressive and Intermediate levels in group Matwork and group Reformer settings, including small apparatus. That’s 169 exercises in total:

  • Matwork. (51)
  • Matwork with small props (62):
    • Fitball
    • Foam roller
    • Weights and poles
    • Magic circle
    • Theraband
  • Reformer (56)

The professional edge – our Students learn how to use the Pilates International Categorisation© (PIC) programming system.

The PIC system equips our Students with the skills to develop and deliver smart, creative and body-balanced workouts that clients love, for:

  • Group Matwork at all levels.
  • Group Reformer at all levels.

Communication is the heart of teaching!

  • Become a versatile, well-rounded communicator.
  • Learn how to apply balanced cueing styles.
  • Learn how to correctly apply anatomical and biomechanical terminology.
  • Learn about professional conduct in group class and Studio settings.

Pilates ITC Grads are ready to teach. They have a sound understanding of the operational demands and expectations of the Studio environment, including key safety considerations:

  • How to care for and maintain apparatus.
  • Self-care as an Instructor.
  • Manual handling techniques.
  • Hygiene protocols.
  • How to safely instruct clients.
  • NAT10838001: Apply Pilates Method fundamentals to induction and instruction of Pilates.
  • HLTWHS001: Participate in workplace health and safety.
  • NAT10838002: Plan and instruct a Pilates Matwork class from introductory to basic level.
  • NAT01838003: Plan and instruct a progressive Pilates Matwork class.
  • NAT10838004: Plan and instruct an intermediate Pilates Matwork class.
  • NAT10838005: Instruct the Pilates Studio basic to intermediate small apparatus repertoire.
  • NAT10838006: Instruct the Pilates Studio introductory to basic Reformer repertoire.
  • NAT10838007: Instruct the Pilates Studio progressive Reformer repertoire.
  • NAT10838008: Instruct the Pilates Studio intermediate Reformer repertoire.

Course Structure

What's involved?
Course Delivery.

Pilates University! Workshops where you get hands-on with the Method and Repertoire in the Studio, led by an Educator.

Course Delivery is compulsory: Students are awarded 50% of their WP Teaching requirement by attending all sessions.

Work Placement (WP).

On-the-job learning: watch, practice, explore.

Observation: 40 hours total.

Teaching: 100 hours total.

Minus Course Delivery attendance, equals a balance of: 50 hours. 25 Mat | 25 Ref.

+ Teaching Clinic Bundle of five (5) on enrolment to expedite your teaching requirement.

Self-Directed Learning (SDL)

The “studying” part: online via the Pilates ITC LMS, and off-.

PLUS, Self-Mastery (SM): “doing Pilates”.

One (1) Matwork group class per week (min) for the duration of your Mat-units.


One (1) Reformer group class per week (min) for the duration of your Ref-units.




9 x monthly instalments of $694.44.

  • An accredited, internationally recognised qualification that’s yours for life: no expiration.
  • Units of competency drawn from the 10838NAT Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction.
  • The complete set of 6 x Teaching Clinics.
  • Student T-shirt!
  • All assessments.
  • All resources: online Learning Management System (LMS); Digital Observation Library; Repertoire Manuals and Textbooks, and FREE access to the Complete Anatomy App!
  • Membership of the Student Forum.
  • Access to industry job opportunities via the Forum!


Learning the Pilates Method in your own body by doing classes, is compulsory part of your course and attracts additional cost as determined by our Instructor Training- and Work Placement Studios.

To help you find your fit, download and browse the complete timetable of contact dates, including Course Delivery and Assessments, below.

2021 course timetable.