10839NAT Advanced Diploma of the Pilates Method

The Ad Dip.

The Post Graduate. It’s the next step and the highest-level Pilates qualification in the world! It follows on from The Diploma and explores applying the Method to work for complex conditions, at-risk clients, rehab applications and elite-level conditioning. Plus, advance your understanding of the science of human movement and challenge your personal mastery!

Why the Ad Dip?

The Specs.

10839NAT Advanced Diploma of the Pilates Method is a nationally accredited, Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Level 6 Qualification, the equivalent of an Associate’s Degree with a recognised health industry outcome: Pilates Practitioner. This course builds on skills and knowledge gained in the 10838NAT Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction.

Backed by Science.

A high-level health and fitness qualification that’s backed by science. The Ad Dip curriculum is informed by modern health and movement science to complement and integrate with Allied Health as an intelligent, corrective fitness modality. We invest in compliance, review and quality improvement to maintain only the highest standard of movement education and professional outcomes.

Cutting Edge-ucation.

Ad Dip Students have access to the most current teacher training applications delivered by Pilates ITC’s Pilates Practitioners (Educators) in some of the finest facilities in the country. We have the academic edge: explore the Pilates lineage and legacy, and how it interacts with contemporary movement theory, art, science and kinematics.

Finance your Future.

We believe following your dream shouldn’t come down to dollars and cents. That’s why we offer a simple monthly repayment plans, so you can get to the learning now.

A Specialised Education.

This is the highest-level Pilates qualification in the world and follows on from the Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (10838NAT). Unlock the power of the Method to work for complex conditions, at-risk clients and elite-level conditioning. Advance your understanding of the science of human movement including musculoskeletal rehabilitation, and challenge your personal mastery.

It’s so much more than learning a bunch of advanced-level repertoire: you will Graduate capable, skilled communicators; leaders in the industry who think critically and creatively in equal measure. Pilates Practitioners have a specialised understanding of how to responsively apply their advanced knowledge of the Method for the body in front of them on any given day.

Get down to business.

Let’s get down to business – literally. This qualification has an in-built Practice Manager outcome: one of the fastest growing career pathways in the health science and fitness industries today. Enhance your management skill set, learn more about professional communication, financial practices and business strategy.

Pilates ITC Graduates understand their specialised scope of practice and have a global understanding of where they fit and can be most useful in the Allied Health chain, making this qualification legitimised against and complementary to other science-based discourses and professional industries.


Pilates Repertoire.

Learn how to apply Pilates repertoire for late-Intermediate through to Advanced in Matwork, Reformer and Studio (private, duet and semi-private) settings using the full complement of Pilates apparatus.

  • Pre-Pilates
  • Matwork
  • Reformer
  • Cadillac
  • Wunda Chair
  • Barrels
  • Spine Corrector

This is a specialised education, after all! Gain skills in Pilates specific, high-level applications for a selection of low to moderate risk clients and special conditions including:

  • Low to moderate level musculoskeletal injuries and conditions involving the joints and soft tissue.
  • Medical conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, asthma, osteoporosis, arthritis, specific disability and obesity.
  • Neural conditions including multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease and pain.
  • Mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety and stress.
  • Rehabilitative techniques for injuries such as fractures, sprains, whiplash and falls.
  • Critical analysis of research relevant to musculoskeletal injury and rehabilitation needs.

The Advanced Diploma equips you with skills to develop and deliver programs using late Intermediate to Advanced-level repertoire and Pre-Pilates, for:

  • Low to moderate injuries and conditions.
  • At-risk clients.
  • Musculoskeletal injuries or impairment.
  • Elite-level conditioning objectives.

The Ad Dip will build on your communication skills in an operational context.

  • Become an authoritative, well-rounded communicator.
  • Learn how to balance cueing styles with advanced repertoire.
  • Learn how to cue for advanced anatomy, physiology and biomechanics.
  • Learn about professional conduct in a management and supervisory roles.
  • Learn about administration of client documentation.
  • Learn about cross referral with Allied Health Practitioners.

This qualification explores health and safety considerations in an administrative capacity, including but not limited to:

  • Self-care/personal health and wellbeing.
  • Mentoring roles and staff support.
  • Managing and administering safety practices in practice.
  • HLTAAP003: Analyse and respond to client health information.
  • CHCPRP005: Engage with health professionals and the health system.
  • NAT1083900: Provide Pilates Method exercise strategies for clients with special conditions.
  • NAT10839002: Deliver Pilates Method strategies for musculoskeletal rehabilitation.
  • NAT10839003: Instruct Pre-Pilates repertoire for musculoskeletal rehabilitation.
  • CHCPOL003: Research and apply evidence to practice.
  • NAT10839004: Instruct the late intermediate Matwork and Small Apparatus repertoire.
  • NAT10839005: Instruct the Pilates studio late intermediate Reformer repertoire.
  • NAT10839006: Instruct the Pilates studio late intermediate Cadillac repertoire.
  • NAT10839007: Instruct the Pilates studio late intermediate Wunda Chair and Barrels repertoire.
  • BSBESB406: Establish operational strategies and procedures for new business ventures.
  • BSBESB407: Manage finances for new business ventures.
  • CHCPRP003: Reflect on and improve own professional practice.
  • TAEDEL404: Mentor in the workplace.

Course Structure

What's involved?
Course Delivery (compulsory).

Learn the content.

Work Placement (WP).

On-the-job learning: watch, practice, explore.

Self-Directed Learning (SDL).

The “studying” part: online and off-, + Self-Mastery (SM).



The dollars and cents$5,400

Deposit: $600, then four, interest free x monthly instalments of $1,200.

• A complete qualification that’s yours for life: no expiration.
• 14 units of competency.
• A health-industry recognised, professional outcome: Pilates Practitioner.
• Administrative and Educator support, whenever you need it!
• Access to the finest Pilates facilities in the country via our affiliate network.
• A Pilates ITC Student T-shirt!
• All assessments included.
• All resources! Access to digital library including repertoire manuals and textbooks.
• Membership of the Student Forum.
• Networking and Continuing Education opportunities.
• Mentoring opportunities!
• Bonus: membership of a connected, supportive Pilates community and new friends for life!

Self-mastery: learning the Pilates Method in your own body by doing Studio sessions is compulsory part of your course and attracts additional cost as determined by our Instructor Training- and Work Placement Studios. (Our affiliates generously offer PITC Students discounted rates on SM – however is set at their discretion.)

Advanced Diploma