Meet the Family —

Learn from Australia’s best.

Our power is in our people. Pilates ITC Educators are subject matter experts (Method and multidisciplinary), adept communicators, and fair and equitable teachers. Pilates is an intelligent discipline and we have some of the most accomplished minds nurturing our country’s future generations of Instructors!

What makes our team work?

Our shared respect and affection for traditional Pilates values that prioritise quality learning (for life!), community and care. A culture like this begins and ends with love: for the Method and helping people!

The Pilates ITC family will bend over backward, figuratively and literally (if you ask nicely), to help you get where you want to go. After all: we go further together! Scroll down to get to know your State or Territory crew.

The Specs

All Pilates ITC Educators are qualified at 10838NAT Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction-level as a minimum; with many holding an 10839NAT Advanced Diploma of the Pilates Method.

Many of our Educators hold other complementary qualifications or specialities drawn from backgrounds including: professional dance, physical therapy, professional and semi-professional sports, athletic performance and elite conditioning.

All Educators hold a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment to ensure quality and consistency in assessment and learning outcomes, in line with course accreditation requirements.

Meet the Family —

Learn from Australia’s best.

We will bend over backwards, figuratively and literally (if you ask nicely), to help you find your purpose with Pilates.

Frances Cahill

Director Pilates ITC and Educator (WA)

One part of the duo Director team driving this training organisation into the future. Frances is a Pilates Practitioner (91490NSW) and co-Director of Pilates Fitness Institute (PFI) in Perth. She has worked in the industry and Pilates education for over 10 years and is passionate about the role Pilates ITC is playing in reimagining “Pilates learning” in formalised and continuing education contexts. She is mentored by Sally Anderson and has trained with industry Masters at home and abroad including: Deborah Lessen, Blossom Leilani Crawford, Karen Clippinger, Rael Isacowitz and Brooke Siler. Frances has presented at the PAA Conference, is active in Continuing Education delivery around Australia. She has also served on the board of the industry’s peak body, Pilates Alliance Australasia (PAA).

Suzanne Newby

Director Pilates ITC and Educator (WA)

The other half of the dynamic Director team delivering Pilates ITC Courses and Pathways in Australia today. Suzanne is a Pilates Practitioner (91490NSW) and co-Director of Pilates Fitness Institute (PFI) in Perth. She has over 10 years of combined industry and education experience and works hard to elevate the standard of education and grow a positive culture around lifelong learning in the Pilates industry. Suzanne is particularly excited by holistic biomechanical movement and has been strongly influenced by Karen Clippinger. She is also mentored by Sally Anderson, has presented at the PAA Conference, and delivers Continuing Education around Australia. She too has served on the board of the industry’s peak body, Pilates Alliance Australasia (PAA).

Maryann Taraborrelli

Educator (WA) and Student Liaison

Maryann is a Pilates Practitioner (10538NAT) and has over 10 years of experience in the Pilates industry. A born educator and skilled communicator, she has a Graduate Diploma in Education, specialising in Japanese and Economics. A natural at “teaching the teacher”, she is passionate about elevating the standard of education in the Pilates industry.

Rachel Dekuyer

Educator (WA)

Rachel has a Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (10537NAT) and has been active in the industry for over 10 years, finding her way into the Pilates world during her professional dancing career. Rachel also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Dance (Honours) from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) and a Bachelor of Dance from the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA). She brings with her a wealth of experience and knowledge of biomechanics and elite level conditioning. She’s a skilled, beautiful mover, efficient communicator, and enjoys working with Students to help unlock their potential with the Pilates Method.

Lora Rainey

Educator (WA) and Student Liaison

Lora is a Pilates Practitioner (10538NAT) and also holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc) from the University of Houston. She was attracted to Pilates for its rehabilitative qualities following a sports injury, and her background guided her interest in using the Method to create a balanced athletic body. Lora has a keen interest in injury prevention and athletic conditioning; she has presented at the PAA Conference and delivers Continuing Education across Australia and in the United States.

Shannon Langley

Educator (WA)

Shannon holds a Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (10537NAT) and has over 12 years of experience in the industry; instructing and in education roles. She started her career in Western Australia and has worked in Victoria with Pilates ITC’s sister training organisation, National Pilates Training – before returning home to WA. She has worked in clinic settings alongside Allied Health and is experienced with the role Pilates can play and value within the health setting. Shannon is a nimble and effective communicator, and enjoys sharing her love and knowledge of the Method with Students and clients alike.

Andrew Aroustian

Educator (NSW)

Andrew is a Pilates Practitioner (10538NAT) with over 10 years of experience in the industry. He was attracted to the Method after a long career as a touring, international dancer and teacher. A skilled mover, communicator and wonderful teacher, Andrew has also worked with several important Pilates lineages, including esteemed second generation lines: Eve, Kathy, Romana and Ron. He has specialisations in pre- and post-natal training from the Centre for Women’s Fitness, astute biomechanical knowledge, and a keen interest in classical and evolved Pilates work. This wealth of experience makes Andrew an informed, professional and dynamic Educator, mentor and presenter.

Victoria Becka

Educator (NSW)

Victoria has a Diploma in Professional Pilates Instruction (10537NAT) and a keen interest in fitness, health and everything in between. Like many in the Pilates industry, she connected with the Method as part of a conditioning mix throughout her international career in dance and ballet. Victoria has been a ‘Top 10’ finalist in the Pilates Anytime competition two years running, and is a regular presenter at Australian industry events, such as Pilates On Tour and the PAA Conference. A highly skilled movement professional, Victoria teaches prolifically in addition to her role as Educator and has a wealth of experience to share with Students.

Alisha Porter

Educator (NSW)

Alisha grew up in Canberra and trained in contemporary dance at WAAPA in 2006. An injury to her pelvis and hip socket led Alisha to Physiotherapy-based Pilates to support her continued full-time dance career. After traveling then relocating to Sydney, Alisha sought out Sally Anderson (Pilates ITC’s Founder) at Pilates International Studios (PilatesINT) for ongoing conditioning which inspired her journey into Instruction, completing a Diploma with Pilates ITC. Alisha works with a wide selection of clients out of her own Studio, Sense of Power Pilates, and has long-term ambition to be part of an Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation Team using Pilates to extend the careers of professional artists and athletes.

Sonia Crisafulli

Educator (ACT)

Sonia is a Pilates Practitioner (10538NAT), she also holds Pre/Post Natal Specialist Certification from The Center for Women’s Fitness (USA) and a Bachelor of Dance. Sonia has been involved in Pilates Education for over 10 years, and has worked extensively in Melbourne, Sydney and the UK.  She has played a central role over the years in curriculum development for Pilates ITC, and has presented workshops at the Body Control Pilates UK conference on Pre and Post Natal Pilates, and Advanced Matwork. A natural teacher, Sonia has a skill for inspiring Students and colleagues throughout their Pilates education journey.

Dianne Hawkins

Educator (ACT/NSW)

Dianne holds a Diploma in Professional Pilates Instruction (10537NAT) and has been involved in group fitness and teacher training roles for over 10 years. She also has a background in English language education and has travelled extensively with both Pilates and teaching, making her a highly skilled communicator and mentor; Dianne loves sharing her knowledge and experience with Students.

Natalie Southwell

Educator (ACT)

Natalie is a Pilates Practitioner (10538NAT) and an accredited Buff Bones Instructor who found Pilates as part of her rehabilitation strategy for back pain. She loves to share her knowledge of and experience with the Method, and is particularly interested in applying it to assist clients in pain. Natalie loves being part of the Student Pilates journey!

Jeni Williams

Educator (ACT)

Jeni is a Pilates Practitioner (10538NAT) and brings with her extensive women’s health qualifications: Midwifery, a Masters in Neo-Natal Nursing, and a Diploma of Neo-Natal Intensive Care Nursing. She enjoys how Pilates education provides an opportunity to share and connect with Students about health and wellness strategies that extend beyond the classroom and into life.

Anita Thompson

Educator (QLD)

Anita is a Pilates Practitioner (10538NAT) and co-Director of our QLD Instructor Training Studios, Movement Principle Pilates in Brisbane. She discovered Pilates as part of her own rehabilitation and injury prevention strategy for dancing and sport. Passionate about movement and pain-management applications, Anita has completed Level 1 Core Align training, Gyrotonic apprenticeship and Yoga Teacher training. All this experience comes together to form a truly balanced, informed perspective on movement, instruction and Pilates education.

Catherine Neal

Educator (QLD)

Catherine holds a Diploma in Professional Pilates Instruction (10537NAT) and a Bachelor of Arts in Dance. She is co-Director of Movement Principle Pilates in Brisbane and first discovered Pilates as a dancer. From here she was inspired to learn more about anatomy and health sciences at University. Catherine is always seeking out ways to further her understanding and application of the Method. She has a keen interest in rehab and injury management, and in addition to her many professional roles also works as Pilates Instructor for the Queensland Ballet.

Leanne Graham

Educator (QLD)

Leanne is a Pilates Practitioner (10538NAT) and was first introduced to Pilates as a way of making postural changes in her own body. She loves teaching people how to move better, manage pain and stress, as well as work toward specific rehab and conditioning goals. She’s got a hunger for knowledge and loves attending conferences and workshops internationally and locally.

Joshua Minden

Educator (VIC)

Josh is an Pilates Practitioner (10538NAT) and has over 10 years in the health and fitness industry, and a distinctly multidisciplinary knowledge base. He specialises in sports conditioning, functional strength, dynamic postural and biomechanical correction, and lifestyle coaching. Josh is excited to be part of the industry’s evolution: witnessing and contributing to changing ideas in exercise science and philosophy.

Sarah Smart

Student Support Team

Sarah has a 15-year background in IT, which makes her your go-to when it comes to navigating your studies: from enrolment through graduation. Always happy to help, Sarah also has a love for anything alternative health and low-tox living.

Michelle Lyndon

Student Support Team

Michelle has a diverse background in Administration and Customer Service across various industries. A fitness and wellness enthusiast, Michelle has worked as a Personal Trainer and Barre Instructor before discovering a role with Pilates ITC combines all of her loves. Michelle is a long-time Pilates client (over 11 years) and knows the excitement and clarity the Method brings to life. She is on hand to help you in your training journey, every step of the way.

Narelle Madden

Student Experience Team

Narelle is sunshine in human form – she is also an expert on Pilates ITC Courses and Pathways, having studied the Diploma of Professional Pilates herself. She is your go-to person for talking through your study options before enrolling. Narelle balances multiple roles in life: Mum, Pilates Instructor and Sales for a Studio and Pilates ITC. She’s only too happy to help you in any way she can.

Katie Tate

Brand and Business Development Manager

Katie works with the Pilates ITC Director team and compliance to develop and deliver the most cutting edge, responsive Pilates education products on the market today. An athlete and artist at heart, Katie is also responsible for creative art direction (all our beautiful photography!) for the Pilates ITC brand. She is also a Professional Matwork and Reformer Pathway Graduate herself!

Carly Wise

Brand and Communications Consultant

Carly is Pilates ITC’s resident wordsmith and communications strategist. She has over 10 years of experience in Public Relations and Comms consulting for corporate and small business, and fell madly in love with Pilates as a client. So deep is her love, she even went and completed the Matwork Instruction Pathway. (Taking her love of the Method to the next step and doing some product research in the process!)

Madeleine Revere

Marketing and Communications Consultant

Maddy is a final semester PR Student and consults for Pilates ITC HQ in marketing and communications. She works on social media, content development and editing; and drives marketing for the Continuing Ed brand and Student Forum engagement. Her role combines the best of the things she loves, communication and movement!