Intelligent Course Design: What’s a Teaching Clinic?


“Intelligent course design”: it is about access and equity. We want our courses to be accessible to all people, from all walks of life. And life, as we know all too well, can be messy! Our courses have been designed to be completed, like all vocational training, parallel to a full-time work commitment as standard. However, the reality is: no two peoples’ work-life balance looks the same. That’s where our intelligent design features come into play.

Life is busy. We understand. Let us help you feel confident in your teaching skills and stay on track!

Working on Work Placement.

The allocation of Work Placement (WP) hours are course specific, but all similarly divided into:

  • Observation: watch and learn to gain insight into repertoire, programming, teaching style, cueing, client management and Studio operations.
  • Teaching: a combination of self-scheduled (with your own “clients”) and Co-Instruction (shadowing) of group classes and Studio sessions alongside qualified Instructors.

The self-scheduled teaching hours can be the most challenging logistical aspect of WP.

Teaching Clinics have been developed as an optional add-on to lighten this load by helping Students to hone their teaching skills and expedite teaching hours in an open, Educator-supported environment.

What's involved?

Teaching Clinics are led by Pilates ITC Educators and delivered against set topics (units of competency) including:

  • Matwork.
  • Postures.
  • Small Apparatus.
  • Reformer.
  • Ageing and Bone Health.
  • Initial Consultations.
  • Reformer and Cadillac.
  • Wunda Chair and Barrels.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Special Conditions.

These sessions provide students with a unique opportunity to workshop teaching skills in an Educator-supported environment, and bank WP hours in the process.

  • Practice on a large group (simulate real-world group class!)
  • Work through the aspects of repertoire that are challenging for you.
  • Workshop ideas with your peers and Educators.
  • Get feedback.
  • Feel confident in your teaching skills!

Teaching Clinics run for five (5) hours in total at a cost of $150 per session.

These sessions can be booked online at the point of enrolment, or later. Head to your State and Course page, and navigate down to course dates to register.

Life is busy. We understand. Let us help you make our courses work for your life!