How to maximise your study success online


Pilates ITC blended delivery combines in-Studio, practical learning and robust online resourcing. While online study is unparalleled in flexibility and convenience, it also requires high-level discipline, motivation and effective organisational and time management skills. Lean into empowered, online learning and set yourself up for success with these five tips:

Lean into empowered, online learning and set yourself up for success.

1. Understand what is required of you.

From technical requirements (technology, reliable internet connection, apparatus etc) through Course components: make sure you have a clear understanding of what is expected of you. (This way, there’s no suprises!) All of this information lives in the Orientation modules in the LMS, you can return here any time. Still unsure? Book a chat with Student Support.

2. Create a study plan.

Organisation is the key to successful online learning. Create a study plan: map out your weekly workload around your existing commitments and responsibilities so you stay on track to graduate within the required timeframe.

3. Get "chunking".

Chunking refers to taking a large task or amount of information (e.g. a module) and dividing it into smaller, digestible parts. Instead of staring at a screen for hours, “chunk” your time: work on one task, figure it out, reward yourself after. This way you don’t succumb to overwhelm, and you maintain positive momentum through the Coursework.

4. Make notes, ask questions.

Got questions? Note them down to ask your Educators at your next Course Delivery session in the Studio. Or, email questions about Coursework (theory, repertoire, programming) direct to your Educators.

5. Stay connected.

Take opportunities to engage with fellow Students via the Forum and Continuing Education events. Swapping contact information with other learners can help you develop a personal learning network that continues beyond the Course.

Go forth and prosper! You’ve got this.

Maximising your online study.