Digital Work Placement Listing —

Observe. Practice. Experience.

On-the-job-learning, from home?

While Students’ Work Placement (WP) requirement should be mostly supported by our in-person attendance of our home-base Instructor Training Studios and network of Work Placement Studios (WPS), Students do also have options in the virtual Studio environment.

Students may choose to complete WP hours online via the Pilates ITC Digital Observations Library, including:

  • Observation: watching group Matwork, group Reformer and Studio sessions.
  • Self-Mastery (SM): Students’ own weekly Pilates practice (compulsory)!

The percentage of hours completed on our platform is uncapped (unlimited!), however, we stress that in-person, practical learning should always be your priority.

For your reference, many of our Instructor Training Studios have paid (but Student-accessible!) virtual Studio services. Many are also generously offering FREE or by donation, low budget, weekly sessions on their digital channels so our Educators can stay connected with Students across the country.

Tip: ITS and Pilates ITC’s own Digital Observations Library (below) is where you will find the video content that aligns closest with your coursework and learning outcomes: explore your options below.

Digital Observations Libraries

Students may also access FREE content on the Pilates ITC Digital Observations Libraries. Links to Reformer, Studio and Ad Dip-specific Libraries are emailed to Students directly, however, Matwork content is available to all Students, here:

digital obs library – matworkicon


Digital WP Providers

PFI Home Studio
WHO | Pilates ITC Directors Frances Cahill and Suzanne Newby.
WHAT | On demand. Matwork, Reformer, Barre, Pre-and Post Natal classes.
COST | $25 per month OR $120 for 6 months.
RSVP | Register online.
+61 8 9330 8900
PFI Zoom Private and Semi-Private Sessions
WHO | with your choice of WA Educator.
WHEN | Get in touch to book.
WHERE | Zoom.
COST | price on enquiry.
RSVP | or call.
+61 8 9330 8900
Sense of Power Pilates Studio | WEEKLY STUDENT MATWORK
WHO | with Alisha Porter.
WHEN | Wednesdays, 1pm (SYD) - weekly
WHERE | Pilates ITC Student Forum - Facebook LIVE
COST | Payment via the Sense of Power website is appreciated but not compulsory (student discount has already been applied for this product).
RSVP | or call.
+61 409 722 018
WHO | Pilates ITC Educator (ACT), Jeni Williams.
WHEN | Tuesdays, 7am (AEST).
COST | $12
RSVP | register online.
+61 412 022 917
Sense of Power Pilates Studio | WEEKLY MATWORK VIA ZOOM
WHO | with Alisha Porter.
WHEN | Mondays 12noon (AEST) and Thursdays 7.30pm (AEST).
WHERE | via Zoom.
COST | $25 per class, Casual or 5 Pack available.
RSVP | register online
+61 409 722 018
Sense of Power Pilates Studio | Private- and Semi-Private Sessions
WHO | with Alisha Porter.
WHEN | open schedule 7am - 7pm (SYD), Monday - Friday.
WHERE | via Zoom.
COST | Students enjoy discount code for package payments: contact Sense of Power directly for more info.
+61 409 722 018
Pilates Canberra
Virtual Studio. On demand and live, including Private sessions, Matwork and Barre.
COST | upon enquiry.
RSVP | register via the website or +61 412 022 917
Movement Principle Pilates Goes Virtual (MPP Goes Virtual)
WHEN | On demand Pilates classes.
COST | $30 per week
RSVP | Register online.
+61 7 3210 2751
Movement Principle Pilates | Virtual Private- and Semi-Private Sessions
WHO | Pilates ITC Educators Anita Thompson, Catherine Neal and Leanne Graham.
WHEN | By appointment. Get in touch via email to schedule.
COST | upon enquiry.
+61 7 3210 2751
The Studio HQ Online
WHEN | On demand. Group classes: Reformer and Matwork Pilates, Barre, Yoga, Cycle, Mindfulness.
COST | paid.
RSVP | Register online.
+61 3 6223 7553
Zoom Private or Duets
WHO | with Pilates ITC Educator Sonia Crisafulli
WHEN | By appointment.
COST | Student Discount applies
+61 400 875 154
Andrew Aroustian Pilates
WHO | with Pilates ITC Educator Andrew Aroustian.
WHAT | Small groups. By appointment/expressions of interest.
COST | upon enquiry.
+61 431 119 447
Body in Line
Paid virtual classes.
+61 402 278 257
Pilates Naturally
Paid virtual classes.
+61 410 469 107
Pilates Alicia
Paid virtual classes.
+61 405 057 317
Pilates Insync
Paid virtual classes.
+61 414 899 001
Body Revolution
Paid virtual private sessions, small group matwork sessions.
RSVP | registration via the website or email Sharon on
+61 417 729 822
Viva Pilates Studios
Paid virtual classes.
+61 423 349 462
Core Pilates Brisbane
FREE and paid virtual classes.
+61 7 3832 0259
Sway Bar Pilates
Paid virtual classes.
+61 416 920 550
Balanze Pilates and Yoga
Paid virtual classes.
+61 434960610
Breathe Pilates Studio
Paid virtual classes.
+61 8 9407 2888
Tonic Pilates
Paid virtual classes.
+61 8 9757 9603
Pure Moves
Free and paid virtual classes.
+61 8 6161 7591
Heartbeat High
Paid virtual classes.
+61 427 760 420
Megan Joy Pilates
By appointment.
Contact Megan.
+61 8 9221 8458
Pilates Anytime
Pilates Anytime is a paid, subscription service with over 3,400 Mat and equipment classes for any experience level.
For coursework, Pilates ITC Students can only log observation and self-mastery hours using Pilates Anytime, but only for select, approved presenters.

Follow the link to see the complete list.