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Maggie Macgill: The Iso-Edition —

Coronavirus may have put a spanner in the works for our national schedule of Continuing Education with Maggie Macgill: but we are nothing if not versatile here at Pilates ITC!

We have been working with Maggie to bring two of her Continuing Education events online so our Pilates community can access her wisdom no matter where you are – pandemic be damned!

You can learn some more about Maggie here…

About Maggie

Maggie Macgill is a Pilates and Chi Running® Educator with 20 years of international teaching experience. She is a graduate of the Master’s Program at The Pilates Centre in Boulder, Colorado, holds a degree in research methods and is a qualified life coach.

Maggie has a dynamic career working in athlete training facilities, biomedical clinics and Studios across Australia and North America. Her clients have included those with complex injury and chronic pain, a diverse range of professional sportspeople, Paralympians and Olympic gold medallists.

Maggie’s teaching is strongly influenced by her commitment to translating the Pilates Method into fluid and efficient running form. She delivers her Pilates On The Run workshops to movement practitioners and running coaches internationally. Maggie thrives on her continuing education and growth as a practitioner, particularly through her connection to The Pilates Centre in Boulder, the Chi Running® instructor community and her studies in Body Mind Centering®. Maggie has practiced Pilates every day since she began teaching 1999. She loves the way it gives her the ability to tackle challenging hikes in remote wilderness areas and run in a way that feels amazing to her body.

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11 July 2020

Iso-Matwork Masterclass

Join Maggie Macgill via Zoom for a one-hour Matwork Masterclass, PLUS 30-minute discussion at the end. Now, more than ever, we need to move: this class is 100% movement focused with exercise options for those in beginning through to advanced capability. Your presenter, Maggie is known for her creative cueing, different ways of approaching familiar repertoire, and her friendly and fun teaching style.

You will leave this Masterclass with:

  • A fresh approach to the Pilates mat exercises.
  • New cues and different ways to engage your muscles on the mat.
  • Increased ease, strength and confidence in your body.
  • Enhanced awareness and ability to use gravity to support fluid and integrated movement in sports and life.
11 July 9.00am - 10.30am (AWST)
Pilates ITC Zoom
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11 July 2020

Iso-Lungs of Life Workshop

“Above all else, learn how to breathe properly!” Joseph Pilates.

The power of a full and easeful breath cannot be overstated.

The uninhibited flow of breath increases energy levels, reduces mental stress, decreases the build up of physical tension and boosts athletic performance.

The sheer volume that the lungs take up inside the torso means that correct breathing also: Gives buoyancy and lift to the upper body. And, provides a physical balance to the weight and power of the legs.

The Pilates Method is one of few movement systems that effectively addresses the dynamic and multifaceted nature of breathing. As Pilates Practitioners we have intimate knowledge of an exercise system that enables better breathing in even the most athletically challenging situations.

This workshop explores how the organs and processes of respiration both support and are supported by movement. We use Joe’s equipment and choreography to teach us how to time and sequence our movement patterns to facilitate greater respiratory volume. Along the way we will deepen our awareness of how outstandingly the Pilates method oxygenates and enlivens every cell of the body!

Join Maggie Macgill for this two-hour Workshop, via Zoom. Places are strictly limited, so book early to avoid disappointment.

11 July 2020 11.00am - 1.00pm (AWST)
Pilates ITC Zoom