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Meet the Mentor: Frances Cahill —


Frances Cahill is one part of the duo Director team driving Pilates ITC into the future. Frances is a Pilates Practitioner (91490NSW) and co-Director of Pilates Fitness Institute (PFI) in Perth. She has worked in the industry and Pilates education for over 10 years and is passionate about the role Pilates ITC is playing in reimagining “Pilates learning” in formalised and continuing education contexts. We sat down with Frances to see what makes her tick!

Co-Instruction: Shadow Teaching Balance —


Work Placement (WP) is all about creating real-life context for- and applying- what you learn in Course Delivery sessions and from your own study (Self-Directed Learning) of the course content. At Pilates ITC, we believe that learning how to teach the Method of Pilates without physical context and experience, unlocks only a shadow (pun intended!) […]

Four Types of Cueing —


What is cueing? It’s the heart of the Method as a unique mind-body discipline. It’s complex and powerfully individual (check out Pilates Cuing is An Art insights from industry leaders). That’s what makes it so very interesting!

Instructor Care and You —


“Self-care”: it’s so much more than a product of the wellness industry. At its core, self-care is any activity undertaken with intention to improve and or maintain our mental, emotional and physical health. We see this very concept in the Workplace Health and Safety unit (HLTWHS001) of our Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction and associated Instruction Pathways. In this blog, we explore the importance of self-care for Instructors, in an operational context, and ask you to identify activities, practices and consider strategies for supporting your wellbeing as a professional.