Pilates ITC has partnered with Wellness Pilates Sydney to translate and deliver the 10838NAT Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction and associated Pathways to Korean nationals living in New South Wales from February 2022. Pilates ITC Director, Frances Cahill said there has been ongoing and significant interest from the Korean community in accredited Pilates Instructor Courses in the traditional “blended” online and in-Studio format.

Co-Instruction: Shadow Teaching Balance —


Work Placement (WP) is all about creating real-life context for- and applying- what you learn in Course Delivery sessions and from your own study (Self-Directed Learning) of the course content. At Pilates ITC, we believe that learning how to teach the Method of Pilates without physical context and experience, unlocks only a shadow (pun intended!) […]

NEWS: Welcome M.I.A Studios to the Family —


Pilates ITC is excited to announce boutique Pilates provider, M.I.A Studios is joining the fold as NSW’s primary Instructor Training Studio (ITS) for Group Reformer. Located in the heart of Paddington, M.I.A is independently owned and run by locals and Pilates ITC Alum, Robin and Kamilla Tate who have created a chic, spacious and community-forward Studio environment and Reformer Group Classes that keeps the locals coming back for more. (And destined to be adored by Students!)

A Matter of Style —


“What do you get when you train with Pilates ITC?” This is among our most frequently asked questions from people considering our Courses or Professional Instruction Pathways. It’s a question that’s often bigger than “what am I going to learn” or “do I get free T-shirt” (yes, you do!) and more about identity: “Who can I become as an Instructor if you show me how?” It’s a matter of style. Learning Style. Teaching Style. Professional Style. And does this all work for you?

Pandemic-Pilates: Making Your Course Work For You —


Our priority is to keep you moving: figuratively and literally. But how can you be your best Student-self, in the age of Pandemic Pilates? Here’s how to thrive in this new age of digital learning…

Intelligent Course Design: What’s a Teaching Clinic? —


“Intelligent course design”: it is about access and equity. We want our courses to be accessible to all people, from all walks of life. And life, as we know all too well, can be messy! Our courses have been designed to be completed, like all vocational training, parallel to a full-time work commitment as standard. […]

9 Books You Should Be Reading —


We’ve talked about Pilates “mastery” being the product of years of (ongoing) study, and seeking out knowledge. So, here’s part two: nine books you should be reading on your journey toward Pilates mastery.

8 Blogs You Should Be Reading —


Pilates mastery is earned, not bought. “Mastery” shouldn’t be confused with the practical “doing” of Pilates: learning choreography and pedagogy. There’s so much more to it. After all, just because you’ve got the moves, doesn’t mean you’ve mastered them. Underneath professional delivery is mastery from years of (ongoing) study that comes only from investing in […]