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Meet the Mentor: Sally Anderson —


Get to know Pilates ITC Founder, the original Mentor and education legacy, Sally Anderson. Sally is well known internationally as a leading expert in the Pilates Method and for Pilates industry development. A regular presenter on the global online platform Pilates Anytime, Sally has presented extensively for the Pilates Method Alliance conferences, Pilates Alliance Australasia, Mind Your Body events, Pilates ITC, and been featured in Pilates Style magazine. 

Meet the Mentor: Maggie Macgill —


Get to know Maggie Macgill. “One thing that is sure to happen every day is that I feel energised, inspired, motivated and deeply fulfilled by the work that I do. Every day I feel like I am part of the most amazing profession and that all together we bring so much joy into the world.”

Meet the Mentor: Suzanne Newby —


Get to know Pilates ITC Director and Educator, Suzanne Newby.

The other half of the dynamic Director team delivering Pilates ITC Courses and Pathways in Australia today. Suzanne is a Pilates Practitioner (91490NSW) and co-Director of Pilates Fitness Institute (PFI) in Perth. She has over 10 years of combined industry and education experience and works hard to elevate the standard of education and grow a positive culture around lifelong learning in the Pilates industry.

Pilates Heaven. New York City 2014 —


You better believe Pilates ITC Faculty and our Directors practice what they preach when it comes to Continuing Education! (But when you live and breathe the Method, seeking out growth opportunities is a joy!) We’ve rebooted this archived blog from 2014, written by Director Frances Cahill, detailing her month of Pilates heaven working with some […]

Curvy Bodies with Helen New —


In early June 2019, renowned Scoliosis specialist Helen New paid a visit to Pilates ITC HQ in Perth to deliver a series of Studio sessions and the main event, Curvy Bodies: A Scoliosis Workshop, for WA Instructors and Students. Continuing Ed isn’t “just for” qualified, experienced Instructors; to illustrate this point we sat down with Pilates ITC WA Educator, Lora Rainey and Diploma Graduate, Nikki Ramm to reflect on their CE experience with Helen New.