Anatomy & Physiology

This short course describes the basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology required to recognise body systems and their components, and to identify and refer alterations associated with the functioning of the human body in the context of the Pilates Industry.

This course is recommended to be undertaken either prior to or concurrently with training in the Certificate in Pilates Matwork Instruction or the Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (10537NAT).


Enrol at any time and complete this course online. This is not an accredited course.

The Anatomy & Physiology course is delivered online and involves the completion of online modules and a multiple-choice examination. Course duration is 40 hours.

At the completion of this program participants will have an understanding of:

  • Anatomical Terminology

  • Movement Definitions

  • Tissue types

  • The Skeletal System

  • The Muscular System

  • Other body systems including: The Nervous System; The Cardiovasular System; The Respiratory System; The Endocrine System; The Digestive System; The Urinary System; Reproductive System; Lympatic System.


Participants have four months to complete the program.

Enrolments for this course are currently closed. 

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