A Matter of Style


“What do you get when you train with Pilates ITC?” This is among our most frequently asked questions from people considering our Courses or Professional Instruction Pathways. It’s a question that’s often bigger than “what am I going to learn” or “do I get free T-shirt” (yes, you do!) and more about identity:

“Who can I become as an Instructor if you show me how?”

It’s a matter of style.

Learning Style. Teaching Style. Professional Style.

And does this all work for you?

Who can I become as an Instructor if you show me how?

Pilates ITC Style

Understanding our Pilates “flavour” will not only give you an idea of what kind of Instructor you can become with us, but also what you can reasonably expect from training with Pilates ITC.


We create balanced, well-rounded workouts that build on natural progressions of movement. Our Students learn how to play with dynamics like pace, types of muscle contractions and breathing techniques to create challenge, progress practice and enhance creativity.


We work to “be better”, always. Progression is about accessing the next “layer” in the movement (when we’re ready) and we get there by prioritising technique. This is the central tenet of self-mastery: we run our own race and work at our own pace with the Pilates work, according to our ability. (This is why Pilates really is for every body!)


Our style is specific: we program and teach for precise function for the whole body – not just parts of it, by prioritising optimal biomechanics and alignment for truly functional fitness.


Flow is about the fluidity of how we move from one exercise to another: how the exercises intersect, interrelate and compliment each other. It’s a creative programming skill that sparks joy for clients (and keeps them coming back for more). Practically, it also acts protects joints, comfort and prolonged muscle connection so clients aren’t “thrown” from one exercise to the next.


Good communicators make clients feel safe and confident. Our Instructors learn how to communicate big Pilates concepts in a way that is accessible, so clients can see and feel the power of the Method in their own bodies.


The Pilates International Categorisation© (PIC) programming system provides an intelligent structure within which there is tremendous room to create! PITC Instructors are skilled at developing super creative, safe and functional workouts that make clients feel good from the inside-out. We encourage Students to play and develop new and exciting ways to deliver the Method!

Blend of traditional and contemporary.

Our Instructors have depth and breadth in skill and talent: we get you there by combining the best of traditional and contemporary. Pilates principles are at the heart of what we do and our curriculum is informed by modern health and movement science. We invest in compliance, review and quality improvement to maintain only the highest standard of education and professional outcomes. (We are always learning, in all ways!)

What does this look like, exactly? If you want to know more, you can experience our style for yourself with a free Matwork or Reformer workout over on our YouTube channel.

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Pilates ITC Graduates are employable. Capable. Creative and critical thinkers. They’re empowered to make this wonderful Method work for their clients and themselves, for life!

Learn more about your options from Our Courses: select your location, stage of study and go from there. For more information on how you can make Pilates ITC courses work for you, give us a call on (08) 9330 4570 or email: info@pilatesitc.edu.au.