Why become a Pilates Instructor with Pilates ITC?

The Original Institute —

In a world where we’re spoiled for choice, why become an accredited Pilates Instructor with us? With Pilates ITC you are comprehensively trained in the Method of Pilates. It’s an intelligent education, in all ways:

What you learn.

How you learn it.

And then, what you can go and do with it!

Pilates ITC has transformed the way you learn to teach Pilates. We lead with the practical, in-Studio education – supported by an anytime-anywhere, interactive eLearning resource (LMS) designed to bring the Coursework to life, keep you moving and engaged. It’s the best of all worlds!

A comprehensive qualification means you have a global understanding of Pilates and how it can be best applied to help people. You can trust your next move with us.

Pilates ITC is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and an AUSactive approved education provider; all Courses and Pathways have CECs and PDPs compatible with international and national registration bodies.

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How it works —


We’re deliver in the ACT, NSW, QLD, SA and WA. Find your nearest Instructor Training Studio!


What do you want to do with Pilates? Visit Our Courses and explore your options to find the one that is right for you!


Select a Course date that works for you – click to enrol – and dive right into the Coursework!


New career; thriving industry —


Our power is in our people. The Coursework is delivered to you by Pilates ITC Educators – some of the country’s finest Pilates minds and movers, who are also are subject matter experts (Method and multidisciplinary).

We share respect for traditional Pilates values that prioritise quality learning (for life!), community and care. But a culture like this begins and ends with love – for the Method and helping people. The Pilates ITC family will bend over backward, figuratively and literally (if you ask nicely), to help you find your purpose with Pilates.

Testimonials —

“The practical in-person training days and teacher training clinics where we were able to get hands on experience and practice teaching. How supportive all the trainers have been to prepare us for the best outcome.”


“Interesting + detailed coursework. So much to learn! Explanation of pathologies and comprehensive deep dive into repertoire have helped me feel super prepared to teach in any setting, for any body! I’ve graduated really inspired to teach and also to continue studying.”


“Educators were very knowledgable, passionate and inspiring. Liked the combination of theory and practical work.”


“All resources and information was provided. Freedom to try and apply different progressions, regressions and strategies in class. Very knowledgable Educators!”


“I loved the fact that there was in person
training. Hands on learning really helps me.”


“Instructors and staff were very patient and nurturing. I could confide in them, ask them for support and they were always there for me. A very positive environment. I feel the more I did, the more it all clicked into place and I developed not only a greater appreciation of Pilates, but also my own body!”


“The best facilities and staff to learn from, I can’t recommend and thank them enough for their constant support and guidance in my training journey. Their quality is second to none. Pilates ITC has changed my life in many ways. I’ve gone from not knowing what I wanted to do in my life, to now being positive and inspired that this is exactly where I am meant to be.”


“I can’t imagine doing this with anyone else! Pilates ITC’s commitment to quality is evident at all levels of their operation: from content through to their Educators. It’s smart, intuitive and meaningful education that sets you up for success. Comprehensive and challenging but achievable. Training with PITC has changed the way I move through life, how I think and feel about Pilates in my own body, and transformed my work-life balance for the better.”


“I enjoyed learning new ways to teach and cue exercises, as well as how to break down each exercise to what muscles were moving. The Instructors were very helpful and created a great group dynamic. If we had questions they answered promptly and effectively. The Studio was well equipped so we had a chance to have a go at equipment our host Studios didn’t have.”


“The range and high-quality Instructors at PFI (Work Placement Studio WA) available to observe and do self-mastery with.”


“The teaching. The Observations. The Teaching Clinics! The Self-Mastery component was the most enjoyable part as it helped me understand more about biomechanics and movement patterns necessary for my teaching. I just wanted to say thank you to those Instructors who were very helpful and nurturing during my study. I really couldn’t have done it without their help.”


“My Work Placement hours were some of my favourite. I enjoyed observing and progressing to assisted teaching. The Teaching Clinics are a close second favourite. Getting to know the other Students was memorable and I hope some lifetime friendships have been made.”


“I can’t believe this journey has come to an end…. or rather just beginning in a way! But I must say I feel well supported and will stay in touch with my teachers to seek guidance along the way. I have set up a small Studio where I conduct Mat and small apparatus classes so far, but have recently invested in Studio equipment too!

I am very grateful to the PITC owners, admin staff and especially my Teachers for the support they have given me through this last year!”