Tamara O’Reilly

Tamara is passionate about the Pilates Method, having fallen in love with the work 16 years ago as a young dancer suffering back pain. Tam has had the benefit of experiencing the rehabilitative side of the method after a bilateral knee reconstruction in 2003, as well as its significance post partum after the birth of her son in 2013.

Tamara has returned to Australia after training and teaching extensively in the USA and UK for more than four years. Tam’s foundation training in the Pilates Method is a combination of private provider education culminating in Body Arts & Science (BASI) comprehensive certification upgraded to the Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (10537NAT), and a variety of continued education programs. She has specialized in Scoliosis, Hyperkyphosis, Pelvic Dysfunctions and Womens Health, as well as extended workshops exploring Pilates method conditioning including The Jumpboard, Small Balls and Cardio Pilates. Tam has added to her training with many elders and luminaries of the Pilates industry including Lolita San Miguel, Elizabeth Larkam, Chrissy Romani Ruby, Shari Berkowitz, Tom McCook, and Carolyne Anthony.

Tamara has run her own Pilates studio businesses, building them from the ground up, taught extensively in other studios and clinics including rehab practices, specialist Pilates studios, and elite training centres. Tam worked for some time at the National Tennis Centre in London training members of the UK female tennis team for injury prevention and musculoskeletal balancing. She also taught cross training skills to students of London’s Circus Space degree course, utilizing her Pilates Method training and experience along with her first-hand knowledge as an aerialist and dancer.

Tamara is a wonderful addition to our faculty and brings with her not only a like-minded approach to Pilates education and training, but a breadth of experience from the global industry. As well as coming onto faculty for PilatesITC Tam is preparing to open her own studio south of Sydney, which will give PilatesITC a valuable new WEF Site for students in the southern regions.