• Outcome: Pilates Practitioner
  • Pre-Requisites for Entry: Diploma Of Professional Pilates Instruction (Or Equivalent)
  • Articulates into: Bachelor Degrees In The Health And Sports Sciences
  • Duration: Approx 18-24 months
  • Accredited Course: Yes
Advanced Diploma of the Pilates Method

The Advanced Diploma is an advanced level course that provides the practical skills and scientific knowledge to become a practitioner, health care advisor or therapist in the field of Pilates. It extends the skills and knowledge you have gained in the Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction.

This course has been developed to provide vocational training for the more senior and experienced Pilates Practitioner working with at-risk clientele, whilst carrying out studio management roles and the supervision of staff.

The Advanced Diploma will enable you to:

  • Manage a Pilates studio practice, with responsibility for both supervising and managing staff as well as self care and mentoring of others
  • Work with medical or allied health professionals in programs related to injury rehabilitation and underlying pathologies
  • Work closely with at-risk clients in referral with allied health professionals
  • Lead and instruct Pilates exercise for individuals and groups with musculoskeletal impairment
  • Lead and instruct Pilates exercise for specialist/elite conditioning clientele

Advanced Diploma Course Content

Caring for At Risk Clientele This includes advanced anatomy and physiology with application of advanced knowledge, including Pre-Pilates and specific Pilates repertoire, to systems of the body, the study of low to moderate level musculoskeletal injuries and conditions, programming strategies for low to moderate risk client conditions and injuries, programming strategies for rehabilitation of in depth musculoskeletal injuries, critical analysis of research relevant to the Pilates method as an allied health modality.

  • Managing a Practice – This includes managing and administering a Pilates studio or healthcare practice.
  • Integrated Repertoire 5 This includes late intermediate to advanced repertoire on the Reformer, Cadillac (Trap Table), Wunda Chair, High Barrel, Spine Corrector and Low Barrels, Ped-a-pul, and all Small Apparatus, as well as Matwork programming applications for the Studio and Matwork environment.

The Advanced Diploma is made up of endorsed competencies from the Health and Community Services Training Packages, as well as specialised Pilates competency units developed by Pilates International.

When to study the Advanced Diploma

Many students elect to work in the Pilates industry after graduating with their Diploma before resuming their studies and completing the Advanced Diploma of The Pilates Method, while others move directly from the Diploma into the Advanced Diploma, exiting with a practitioner status and higher industry standing.

The Advanced Diploma articulates directly to BA Exercise Physiology & Rehabilitation or the BA Sports Coaching and Exercise Science, with University Canberra.

Government accreditation standards

This course is accredited with the Australian government and delivered under the AQF. Pilates International is a government Registered Training Organisations (RTO No. 40941)


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Course fees and payment plans

PilatesITC offers a range of payment plans to assist you in financing your study.  Course fees can be paid in larger monthly instalments over a shorter period of time to receive a discounted rate, or in smaller monthly instalments over an extended period of time.  Course fees and payment plan options of the Advanced Diploma are: 








Course fees include, all student manuals and online materials, attendance at scheduled contact days, student clinics, up to two attempts at any one assessment, and where required assistance with placement for work experience. 

Additional costs include, practicum intensives, supervised workouts, purchasing required texts, student member ship with industry body, private tutorials, personal extras, sundries, travel and accommodation (if required), and assessment re-sit fee after two attempts at any one assessment.

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