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Obligations and Student Support

Access and Equity

PilatesITC is committed to providing training and assessment services to all students regardless of race, religion, sex, socio-economic status, disability, literacy or numeracy, and provides assistance to all students to identify and achieve their desired outcomes. PilatesITC promotes a learning environment that is free from discrimination and harassment including unsolicited approaches, comments or physical contact of a sexual nature, victimisation, bullying and racial vilification.

Language and Literacy

Students from a non-english speaking background are required to have a minimum standard of English language proficiency to undertake the theoretical study involved in the Pilates courses. Applicants requiring assistance with language development will be advised of available bridging programs.

Flexible Entry

In accordance with the principles of access and equity, students may make an application for flexible entry to a course when entrance requirements have not been met. Applications for flexible entry are assessed by the Training Manager in agreement with the Directors, and students are provided with a Flexible Entry Report. Students who do not meet requirements, but are allowed entry by the Training Manager may be required to complete pre-course tasks and assessment. Students who gain entry in a flexible manner are enrolled pending completion of any requirements as set out in the Flexible Entry Report.

Student Support Services

All staff can be approached to gain advice on academic and personal issues. Staff at PilatesITC will offer professional and confidential advice in areas where they can help and will ensure that all efforts are taken to provide a positive learning experience. Whilst all staff employed by PilatesITC are able to provide support to students, the Training Coordinator and Training Manager have responsibility to provide support to all students and are available on an appointment basis.
PilatesITC Student support services include:
  • PilatesITC Student Forum on Facebook: This forum is for students to keep in touch with their trainers, mentors and peers.
  • Student Clinics: Face-to-face sessions that provide an opportunity to ask questions, gain information and feedback, discuss programming and application, review and refine repertoire and work together on learning tasks. Student clinics are included in course fees.
  • Skype Tutorials for Regional students: Skype sessions that provide regional students who are unable to attend Student Clinics the opportunity to ask questions, gain information and feedback on course requirements and assessments.
  • Practicum Intensives: Practicums are designed to help students meet their work experience requirements. They are intensive blocks of practical training that provide experiential work placement tasks, feedback and instruction in a simulated work environment. Practicum intensives are an additional cost to course fees.
  • Private Tutorials: Students may organise to have a private tutorial with one of our trainers at any stage of the course. Private tutorials are an additional cost to course fees.

Provision of Information

PilatesITC provides timely and accurate advice and information to all potential, enrolling and current students, and will respond in a responsible manner to all reasonable requests for information about PilatesITC Training and Assessment services. PilatesITC will also at all times provide information on any changes to legislation and regulatory requirements that will affect the services it delivers.

Grievance, Complaints and Appeals

PilatesITC is committed to the early resolution of complaints, appeals and grievances.  Any student, potential student, or third party may submit a formal complaint or appeal to PilatesITC with the reasonable expectation that all complaints will be treated with integrity and privacy.  Where possible non-formal attempts shall be made to resolve the issue. If the grievance is unresolved the person may place a formal complaint or appeal by completing the ‘Complaints and Appeals Form’ (available from administration) and state their case providing as many details as possible. All complaints and appeals received will be acknowledged in writing within 48 hours. All formally submitted complaints or appeals are issued to the Training Manager or Director who will promptly consider the complaint/appeal and either refer the matter to the appropriate staff to resolve, or make a decision on the complaint within 10 working days. Once a decision has been reached the Training Manager shall inform all partied involved in writing. For a full outline of PilatesITC Grievance, Complaints and Appeals procedure please refer to the PilatesITC_Student_Handbook_V10_2017

Closure or cessation of training delivery

In the event that PilatesITC closes or ceases to deliver any part of the training product that a student is enrolled in, that student wile refund course fees paid for training not delivered. The refunded amount will be determined based on total courses fees paid at the date of closure or cessation of delivery and the amount of training provided up until this date. Students will be issued with a Statement of Attainment for all units completed up until this date, and put in contact with other RTOs delivering the Pilates courses so that they can complete their training.