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Ask any long time professional Pilates teacher about their early days and you will hear a common theme – “I don’t know how those clients survived!!”… This tends to be a little dramatised for our story telling purposes (hopefully!…), but in actual fact the early years of Pilates apprentice training was indeed very much a sink or swim approach.

With the modern day accredited training programs that include structured learning and consistent  standards, as well as availability of mentors and supervisors in registered studios, many of the old apprentice-style pitfalls are now well avoided. PilatesITC has a network of WEF Sites (work experience facilitation sites) that are trained and structured to support students to complete their work experience hours, and we also have an annual schedule of ‘Practicums’ that provide the opportunity for our students to work intensively in a simulated workplace environment.

Our Practicums are fully structured blocks of contact time where students are given simulated workplace tasks to undertake in a controlled environment. They will be set activities under a Faculty Trainers guidance, such as:

  • Writing programs for various client types and conditions
  • Writing program selections for various postural types
  • Teaching selected categories of the programs
  • Teaching full session programs
  • Managing client communications
  • Managing clients in time constraint situations

And more…

All of these activities are undertaken with the Faculty Trainer guiding and feeding back to the students, and with students working with and on each other as clients and teachers alike.

These Practicums are highly practical, specific to Pilates studio outcomes, and give credit for work experience hours. They have become a safe and constructive place for our students to try out their teaching skills, work on them, hone them, and be able to take their skills and knowledge confidently into real time situations thereafter.

To understand more about our Practicums as an adjunct learning feature of PilatesITC accredited courses please call us on 02-9440 7344 and we’ll be happy to discuss. Meanwhile, here is our schedule of Practicums for 2018.

See our 2018_PilatesITC_Practicum_Schedule


All bookings are made online through our MindBody Online booking system.


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