Move More, Sit Less in 2017

Posted by: PilatesITC

Move More, Sit Less, is an initiative of the Bluearth Foundation, PilatesITC’s preferred charity.

The Move More Sit Less campaign aims to address the serious health dangers associated with our increasingly sedentary lives and strives to encourage all Australians to stand up, step away from their screens and embrace the joy and benefits of an active life.

The Move More Sit Less initiative is not a prescriptive call to action, rather a reminder that we need to move more and sit less whenever and wherever we can.

The Move More, Sit Less interactive website provides information and action suggestions for moving more and sitting less, including a ‘Sitting Calculator’ for assessing just how much time you are spending sitting each day. The results can be eye-opening but also a good way of reminding us that we need to stand, walk, move more every day. Check out your stats using the ‘Sitting Calculator’

PilatesITC has made a pledge to move more and sit less as a workplace. You can too! Here’s some tips for becoming a more active workplace…


“It’s your turn now – head on over to and find some ideas that will help you and your loved ones be more active and lose the chairs!

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