Introducing Momentum Lab – Newly Affiliated Singapore Training Centre!

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Welcome to Momentum Lab


PilatesITC are proud to introduce Momentum Lab – One of Singapore’s finest Pilates training Centers. PilatesITC and the team from Momentum Lab have been working closely together on launching Pilates courses in Asia. This is a very exciting time for the Pilates industry in Asia, as this is the first time courses have been offered that lead to an Australian Government recognised outcome. This is a very important step in setting minimum standards for Pilates education worldwide.

Studying at Momentum Lab, with collaboration with PilatesITC, will get your career on the right path to not only government recognition, but articulation into a university degree. Your journey starts at Mometum Lab and can end up wherever you want it to go – right up to a Bachelor Degree in Health Science.

Momentum Lab will be launching their Certificate in the Pilates Method Matwork in January of 2017, and the Certificate in Pilates Method Studio later on in 2017. Bridging to the Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (10537NAT) is open to all graduates of Momentum Lab’s Certificate courses, and any other internationally recognised comprehensive Pilates certification via our RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) process.


Certificate in Pilates Method Matwork

Registrations open 9th January 2017 and close on the 20th of February 2017 – special pricing for early registrations, find out how here

Scheduled Matwork workshop – 3rd & 4th of April 2017

For more information and to enrol in the Certificate in Pilates Method Matwork – email

Course fees, terms and conditions can be found by clicking here.


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To get you on your way to your Pilates career, Momentum Lab are offering an Anatomy & Physiology course as well as their Pilates courses. Before embarking on a Pilates course, students will need to have a working knowledge of basic anatomy and physiology as it relates to the Pilates profession.

This short course describes the basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology required to recognise body systems and their components, and to identify and refer alterations associated with the functioning of the human body in the context of the Pilates Industry.

It is recommended that students of the Certificate in Pilates Method Matwork and Studio complete this course either prior to, or concurrently with their Pilates training course.

Registrations open 9th of January and close 20th February 2017

Scheduled face-to-face workshop – 10th March 2017

Course fees, terms and conditions can be found by clicking here


Find out a little more about Momentum Lab and its fearless leaders – Lynn Ong and Jim Lim

” Momentum Lab is a boutique Pilates-based Functional Fitness Studio established in 2013 by Lynn Ong and her partner Jim Lim with a group of dedicated Pilates & Mobility Trainers.

Some 15 years ago when Lynn was in the corporate world, the only time she had was during weekends when she thought she could keep fit by running and working out in the gym. Despite her relentless effort of trying to stay active, her agony began when her knees started giving her pain even from the simple act of walking down the stairs. Undeterred, Lynn began her quest in seeking the reasons for her injury which she found compelling explanations in Pilates and how it has helped so many people who has similar injuries just like hers. Through practicing Pilates, Lynn recovered from her injuries and she was amazed by the improvement in her core strength and a better posture she never had before.

Lynn’s experiences in Pilates changed her whole perspective in life. She eventually left her corporate career and embarked on a journey of obtaining full certification in Pilates. Over the years, Lynn has been helping clients to exercise without pain whilst continuing to hone her skills and knowledge by attending numerous courses, workshops and seminars internationally.

With a special interest in rehabilitation, Lynn believes that foot injury has a great influence on the knees, hip and spine. Subsequently, she became a certified R.E.H.A.B Trainer (Australian Sports & Physiotherapist), a Barefoot Rehab Specialist (Evidence Based Fitness Academy) and as well as an active member of the Functional Movement System (FMS).  As a strong believer in continuing education, she and her team of Pilates and Mobility Trainers have recently completed a certification in an evidence-based AIS stretching modality (Motion Dynamics).

From her 9 years of Pilates and Rehab experience with numerous clients, clocking in thousands of working hours, Lynn strongly believes that there is never a one-size fits all approach as everyone is different in their background, lifestyle, movement patterns, physiological state and genetics.

Today, Lynn’s clients come from all walks of life. From busy mothers, senior corporate executives, young athletes to elderly as old as 80 years old, they visit Momentum Lab regularly for maintenance regime or for posture strengthening programs.”


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