Great news! Jennifer Golden Zumann in Sydney

Posted by: PilatesITC

PilatesITC is delighted to present Jennifer Golden Zumann workshops at PilatesITC Pymble, Sydney over 4th and 5th April 2017

Jennifer is in Sydney to help deliver the Pilates Chicago training program at MPower Pilates in Bondi, and while she is here we are lucky enough to have her present workshops for industry.We’ve snuck in some mid week times, just so we can catch her on this flying visit. Jennifer is a wonderful teacher and presenter with a fantastic blend of advanced anatomy and deep biomechanical knowledge that underpins a pure Pilates heart!

Don’t miss this amazing chance to experience her knowledge, warmth, energy and expertise…


Awakening Your Primal Power

Tuesday 4th April, 12-2pm (2 hrs)

This program will be delivered as a Matwork Masterclass.

Matwork based on the concept of finding resilience and suppleness in the body. Jennifer adds movements that are more primal so you can have fun while you are working out. Jennifer also encourages you to declutter the cues that are already in your head so you can focus on moving the body and feeling good.

Cost $75 / PDPs 2 / Observation available at $30


Using the Reformer as a Tool for Optimal Extension

Tuesday 4th April, 2.30-4.30pm (2 hrs)

Explore the spiral dynamics of extension.

Spiral patterns occur in every aspect of nature and the human body is no exception. Harness the power of the backbend by awaking the three-dimensional action of the spine. In this workshop, we will discuss how efficient biomechanics and fascial tensegrity allow for strong and healthy backbends. Learn foundational exercises to develop these mechanics, and awaken your personal backbend potential. Swan Dive like never before!

Cost $99  /  PDPs 2  /  Observation available at $30


Moving from the Front of the Back

Wednesday 5th April, 1.00-4.00pm (3 hrs)

This program will include a Small Apparatus Matwork exploration followed by integrating studio apparatus for this topic.

Jennifer explores the concept of drawing up the front of your back so you can find support on the spinal level to stimulate the viscera of your body. She will first show on the skeletal model, then demonstrate and take participants through a small apparatus matwork to explore how to apply it to your practice.

Cost $110  /  PDPs 2  /  Observation available at $33


About Jennifer

Jennifer has been dedicated to the field of Pilates and movement education since her first class in 1995. Jennifer became a private apprentice to a local teacher and taught students until eventually pursuing formal Pilates training through the newly-formed, Physicalmind Institute in 1998. Along side her Pilates education, Jennifer pursued education in yoga, Japanese acupressure, medicinal herbalism, and Chinese diagnostics.

Always curious, Jennifer has sought out a variety of programs and study with master teachers in movement, such as Irene Dowd, Jean-Claude West, and Diane Lee, as well as Pilates focused teachers such as Mary Bowen, Madeline Black, Bob Liekens, Debra Lessen, and Michelle Larsson. With a strong interest in cutting edge anatomical information, Jennifer has attended multiple dissection courses with Gil Hedley and studied with the top Fascia researchers at the International Fascial Research Congress and the University of Ulm’s Fascia Summer School.

Jennifer’s competence in anatomy brought her to develop and teach Experiential Anatomy courses to massage students at The Chicago College of Healing Arts, while simultaneously developing her own Pilates training program, the Pilates Chicago Instructor Training Program, taught along with her husband, Matthew, in 2003. As of 2016, the program has officially launched the first satellite program in Sydney, Australia.  Along with her dedication to her studio and training program, Jennifer gratefully embraces the busy home life of 4 active sons.

As an enthusiastic presenter, Jennifer’s expertise has been recognized with features in multiple media outlets, such as Pilates Style Magazine, IDEA Fitness, Yoga Journal, Massage Therapy Journal, Disney,, and She has been a sought after provider of continued fitness education, as a regular presenter at conferences such as Pilates Method Alliance and Pilates on Tour since 2006. Jennifer provides continued education for both PMA and ACE requirements.


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